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‘He wanted an indoor swimming pool. I wanted an ice skating rink. But then, how much can I ice skate? But I figured a roller rink, it can also be a discotheque’  Jackie Siegel – Queen of Versailles

Two Queens, souvenirs of a system on the brink of collapse, come together for one last night of decadence before it all goes to pot. They invite you into a dystopic no-mans-land of materialism, hedonism and isolation where you can buy a table that will change your life and face-lift to happiness. Overtaken by eternal dissatisfaction, selfishness and anger, finally all that remains is the shell of their bodies and the question: what comes next?


Queens is a chaotic black comedy about our turbo-consumerist society and where, if we carry on like this, we are heading. A self-destructive unraveling of the capitalist empire that we call home; a system that nurtures inequality and monopolies, that puts up walls and No Vacancy signs, a system of super-rich and super-poor, a system that is about to implode because we’ve run out of the good stuff and the pitch forks are out.


A tragic-swan song to our society and lifestyle; presenting the failures of the system and a look to the future and what the alternatives could be. We hold up a mirror to our societies and to ourselves to question; what is our role in all of this? Can we stop it? And, is there any way out?


Presented in theatre and non-theatre venues, Queens is a unique immersive theatrical experience for anyone who is overwhelmed by the planet’s impending doom. We are all in this together and the least we can do is invite you in for a cup of tea.




A collaboration with La Volada & Flight.

A collaboration between Sarah Calver (UK), Clemence Caillouel (FR), Gozde Atalay Kokkoris (TUR/GR) and economist Eva Nalbach (GER). A work-in-progress of Queens was presented at the Festival Mujeres Que Cuentan Santander in November 2017. It´s development was supported by TheatreHaus Mitte, L’Estruch, Teatro Abrego and Nomadways.

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