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TAMED or It's Hard To Get A Real Horse

A project about conforming to - and rebelling against – the status quo. Exploring how behaviour, thought and agency have been conditioned and tamed by the societies we live in.​

As an investigation into the collective and the individual; TAMED or It's Hard To Get  Real Horse, looks at how the systems and structures we belong to, condition us to conform, and the consequences for those who do not.

Presented by a chorus of Kates (of Taming of the Shrew fame) who playfully reimagine the role and versions of events. Fiction and reality merge, the line between performance and rehearsal becomes blurred, the actors perform and are performed by Kate, a community chorus emerges from the wings and the audience themselves are immersed, and participate, in the piece. 

Merging text, dance, design and technology and drawing on the epic, the mundane and the ridiculous, this is a multifaceted, immersive and dynamic show that challenges expectations and disrupts the status quo.​


The show will premiere at St. George's Theatre in Great Yarmouth 2024.


The show has previously been developed as an R&D.

Norwich Theatre 2022:

Director : Sarah Calver

Video & Media: Rory Willats

Composer and Sound Design: Garth McConaghie

Set & Costume Designer: Mayou Trikerioti

Assistant Designer: Denisha Parmenter

Lighting Designer: Lucinda Bray

Devising Performers: Danielle Meehan, Keziah Joseph, Joey Holden & Megan Treadway

Production Manager: Lucinda Bray

Stage Manager: Jamie Woodhouse

Social Media Manager: Denisha Parmenter.

Community Engagement Artist: Tassa de Paris.

This stage of the project was funded by Arts Council National Lottery Funding and Norfolk County Council. It was supported by DanceEast and Norwich Theatre.


R&D 2019:

Director & Text: Sarah Calver

Movement: Kate Sagovsky

Composer and Sound Design: Garth McConaghie

Video Design: Dallas Fields

Performers/ co-creators: Jennifer Jackson / Angela Clerkin / Carolina Valdés / Jessica Murrain.

Producer: Hannah Tookey


The Research and Development was funded by Arts Council National Lottery Funding and Norfolk County Council. It was supported by Fourth Monkey, Southwalk Playhouse and The Cut.

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