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Our Nuclear Moon

A hybrid documentary film / performance project about living next to a nuclear power station.

Once a sleepy fishing hamlet, now better known for its white domed nuclear power station, is Sizewell. With the first station (A) built in the 60’s now decommissioned, the second (B) still chugging away and a third site (C) on the cards, the Sizewell community has been in an intimate relationship with nuclear power for three generations.

This project invites reflection into our impact on the world around us. Looking at the generational shift; the past, the present, the future - through the lens of both the power stations (A, B & C) and through the lives of those living in Sizewell - this work is contemplation into how we engage with and impact the environment around us.


Concept & Direction - Sarah Calver

In collaboration with:

Video & Media Artist - Rory Willats

 Cinematographer - Lewis Wickwar

The Sizewell Community.

our nuclea rmoon image.jpg
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