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FLIGHT is an international theatre company based in East Anglia.

We are makers of experimental original theatre and performance. Our work is personal, political and experimental – deconstructing narratives to reveal the human element in every situation. We focus on exploring the unseen; the unwritten bits, the lesser explored perspectives, the ugly and honest. 

Our work is a mash up of the personal, of dark comedy and absurd surrealism, of physical and visual theatricality and stripped back intimacy.​ We work with non-fictional material, text, devise and adapt, often drawing on the personal, documentary and autobiographical as a method of work.

Collaboration is at the heart of our practice. We are interested in the blurry edges of performance - the real, the fictional and all of it in between and we are interested in pushing performance boundaries, questioning the form and exploring new ways of engaging with an audience.​

We collaborate with a range of creatives, performers, makers and participants. We rely on the bodies, brains, energies and creativity of these people to develop our work, to inspire us and expand our practice. Our work only works because of them.

Flight was founded and is led by maker and director Sarah Calver.
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