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Stuck between highly taxed tampons and badly lit mirrors, three characters are trapped in a patriarchal purgatory. They examine their stories, themselves and their fate in an attempt to figure out what it really means to be a woman and find a way out.  

There’s a word for girls like you…


A devised theatre piece that challenges female stereotypes established in classic and modern literature and media.


No Way Out asks performers and audiences what it is to be female and the gap between reality and representation. A reinterpretation of classical texts and characters; interwoven with personal analysis and experiences giving classical personages a contemporary voice. Placed side-by-side, irrespective of their narrative or historical context, each character attempts to re-write or at least re-experience their penned fate, offering a different perspective to the stories we know.

Created by an international ensemble, structurally influenced by Huis Clos (Sartre), Six Characters in Search of an Author (Pirandello), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Stoppard); adapting texts from The Taming of the Shrew, Don Quixote, House of Bernarda Alba, Joan of Arc, Jane Eyre, the myth of Shahmaran and inspired by fairy tales, myths, Disney princesses, contemporary female figures and pop artists.


Castellucci meets Kafka meets Sartre meets Gaulier and Judith Butler on acid.

No Way Out premiered at Balhaus Ost, Berlin and CPT, London 2018.


Concept & Director: Carolina Ortega
Dramaturg & Co-Director​: Sarah Calver

Video and trailer: Laura Jones

Costume​: Eva Nalbach

Set design: Chris Gylee
Li​ght​: Pablo Fernandez Baz

Assistant Director:​ Stephanie Raymundo

Photography: Underskin

Poster image: Hugo Reis
Graphic Design: Leonardo González

Funded by Arts Council England & Norfolk County Council. Supported by Balhaus Ost, The Cut, Theatrehaus Mitte and CPT.

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