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A theatrical interrogation of the form and performance of circus: an exploration of the genre and those that live and work in it: questioning what it is, why we perform it and why we enjoy watching it.


A journey through the realities and absurbsities of everyday circus life; A reveal of the truth behind the form: the rigging, burns and calluses, sacrifices, the years of commitment and the ‘what am I when I can’t do this anymore?’


A patchwork of personal stories, circus tales and epic theatricality. Stealing from David Lynch, David Attenborough, Stephen Hawkins and Hip Hop.

Three performers deconstruct the realities of everyday circus life; their stories and experiences, bodies and injuries and then re-construct to build new landscapes of the epic, theatrical, animal and fundamental. 

Collaborating with visual and sonic artists to create a live interaction between performer, technology and audience. The juxtaposition of the immediacy of live flesh alongside visual, sonic and video technologies creates a multi-sensory experience allowing the audience access to a unique perspective.

Using circus’s heightened form to explore big questions about ourselves, our relationships with each other and the world: how we observe and judge, what we expect and how our experiences mould us as performer, audience and human.

Inviting the audience to experience and connect with stories behind the flare and illusion. Delving into desires of narcissism, fear, sacrifice and wonderment.


Concept and Direction: Sarah Calver

Dramaturg and Assistant Director: Carolina Ortega

Set Design: Cate Blanchard 

Lighting Design: Sherry Coenen

Sound Design: Max Perryment 

Production Management: Sophie Tetlow​

Developed with, and performed by George Fuller, Antonio Harris, Maddie McGowen.

Also developed with: Laura Moy, Anna Sandreuter, Bart Soroczynski, Sage Cushman, Shaena Brandel, Adam Welsh, Lara Davison.

Supported by The Roundhouse, Jacksons Lane, Cambridge Junction, The Garage and The Cut. Funded by Arts Councl England. Original creation produced by Flora Herberich.

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