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A play about conforming to - and rebelling against – the status quo. Exploring how our behaviour, thought and agency has been conditioned and tamed by the societies we live in.

An investigation of the collective; our innate (or conditioned) need to belong, to conform, and the consequences for those who do not. Presented by a chorus of Kates (of Taming of the Shrew fame) who playfully subvert the expected, asking us re-evaluate our assumptions and judgements.

A celebration of female voices and highlighting the strength and uniqueness of womanhood.

The project had an R&D in May 2019, with plans to mount as full production early 2021 (on hold due to pandemic). 


Director & Text: Sarah Calver

Movement: Kate Sagovsky

Composer and Sound Design: Garth McConaghie

Video Design: Dallas Fields

Performers/ co-creators: Jennifer Jackson / Angela Clerkin / Carolina Valdés / Jessica Murrain.

Producer: Hannah Tookey

The Research and Development was funded by Arts Council National Lottery Funding and Norfolk County Council. TAMED is supported by The New Wolsey, Eastern Angles and The Cut and championed by HighTide and The Globe. The show will be directed by Sarah Calver and produced by Karen Goddard.

The trailer features: Jenni Jackson, Katherine Newman, Angelina Chudi, Eva Magyar and Illona Linthwaite.

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