Flight of the Escales is an international company rooted in Suffolk. We make original theatre and performance. We sometimes also make film.

We create work that is personal, political, and experimental; deconstructing narratives to reveal the human element in every situation. We are interested in the lesser explored perspectives, the unseen, the ugly and unpolished. Our performances are a mash up of dark comedy and absurd surrealism, of physical and visual theatricality and stripped back intimacy, as we explore what it is to be us, now, then.


We work with text, devise and adapt. We experiment with mixing genres and forms, collaborating with artists across mediums and often drawing on the personal and autobiographical as a method of work. Reworking the performance space is part of our continuing exploration of engaging with audiences in new ways; we aim to stimulate a dialogue and create performances that are interactive and experiential.

We continue to develop artistically and expand our networks so we can interact with as many different communities in the UK and abroad. We are associated and have performed at The Cut, The Roundhouse, Jacksons Lane, Cambridge Junction and The Garage in the UK and Sophiensaele, Ballhaus Ost, English Theatre Berlin and Cammerspiel Leipzig in Germany. Our work has been seen in the UK, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic and Spain and programmed in festivals including Kana, Pulse, Prague Fringe, Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe, Faki and 100˚.

We collaborate with a range of creatives, performers, makers and participants. We rely on the bodies, brains, energies and creativity of these people to develop our work, to inspire us and expand our practice. Our work only works because of them.

Some of the brilliantly talented people we've worked with include Carolina Ortega  (co-director until 2018), Carolina Valdes, Jenni Jackson, Angela Clerkin, Jessica Murrain, Dallas Fields, Gareth McGonaghie, Kate Sagovsky, Caroline Horton, Clemence Caillouel, Patricia Rodriguez, Gozde Atalay, Hugo Reis, Eva Nalbach, Luigi, Mateuz Fafinski, Jenny Eyer, Demi Nandhra, Hasan Dixon, Vincent Manna, Seda Yildiz, Paul Engers, Joe Wild, Suzy Momoko Hingley, Adam Lenson, Cate Blanchard, Joe Brett, Francis Woolf, Mairi Hayes, Filippo Romano, Leonardo Gonzalez, Adam Welsh, Sherry Coenen, Hannah Smith, George Orange Fuller, Maddy McGowen, Antonio Harris, Max Perryment, Flora Herberich, Laura Moy, Sage Bachtler Cushman, Anna Sandreuter, Bart Soroczynski, Ed Richards, Lara Davidson, Shaena Bradel, Josh Lucas, Jana Korb, Petra Lang, Gabriella Schwab, Marieke Heenemann, Juan Migama, Sophie Tetlow, Robin Thomson and Alexandra Wolf.

Flight of the Escales... what does that mean...?

Yeah, so uh, it's a made up word... it comes from a previous incarnation of the company called 'Escalier' (meaning 'stairs' in French). So it's sort of Flight of Stairs but people often think of fish scales, birds or airplanes - we tend to go by FLIGHT these days - which we like as it has air and offers a different perspective - but if you search Flight Company it can get confusing...